Negotiations room

Area : 30 square meters

Maximum capacity of: 20 people.

The best place for a business meeting

Our up-to date meeting room is a spacious place with its leather chairs and functional desk. It is especially designed for holding seminars, tutorials and business meetings.

Contracts’ signing, negotiations and discussions are most comfortable here. Any task can be easily completed now when the meeting room is available for everyone.

Why are the meeting rooms so helpful for the guests?

The times when the negotiations took place in huge halls, equipped with only desk and chairs have past into oblivion. Today’s business requires quick decisions and short time meetings. Each minute can limit the competitors’ benefits. Our meeting room gives an opportunity to deal with important issues within short time.

The modern furnishing helps to have successful negotiations.

European interior makes positive impressions of the company, clear light colors provoke positive thinking.

The meeting room rent gives an opportunity to use interactive equipment which makes the process easier and more dynamic.

Why is the success achieving easier with the meeting room rent

When the deal is made or the compromise achieved and the goals achieved, there is only one thing left to do – to celebrate your success. You can easily get down to our restaurant or order the dishes straight to the room. When the meeting is over you get a hotel room and have some rest in the luxurious atmosphere.

You can rent the meeting room right now at most reasonable price!

Near the airport "Koltsovo"
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