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A special offer for the Yekaterinburg-EXPO participants

The Palais Royal hotel is a regular partner IEC Yekaterinburg-EXPO (IEC- International Exhibition Centre)

About the campaign A special offer for the Yekaterinburg-EXPO participants


Special hotel offers

“Palais Royal” is one of the most brilliant and modern Ekaterinburg hotels. The guests of Sverdlovsk region can expect special hotel offers that were unavailable for Anne of Austria and Mazarini, the residents of Parisian ”Palais Royal”, prototype of the Siberian palace hotel.

Firstly, the guests who book a standard room for the whole weekend are getting a fifteen-percent discount.

Secondly, each transit traveller can take an advantage of the most advanced special hotel options - staying for a short time under a special “day-use rate”. The tourists who are visiting Ekaterinburg by transit can park their cars for free at our guarded parking.

Thirdly, “Palais Royal” may become a place of holding an unforgettable wedding or gorgeous anniversary. The hotel Palais Royal restaurant specializes in the European cuisine dishes. This is a perfect place for business lunches during day time, and at night it opens its doors for those guests who need a real banquet, in the very sense which was used by French caterers for a gala dinner. For newlyweds this special hotel offer is enhanced by spending a wedding night in a very romantically designed suite. 

Fourthly, the hotel has a magnificent offer for foreign guests. There are real Russian baths right near the hotel. The guests of Siberian “Palais Royal” will be invited to a sweating room with a bunch of birch twigs, herbal tea and become a part of a special interactive programme “a la russe”.

And the most important thing is that the hotel has a rewarding bonus system for repeated guests. 

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