Wedding Banquet

Palais Royal for Newlyweds

A splendid restaurant for weddings, anniversaries and other festive events is a pride of Pale Royal hotel.

Cozy atmosphere of the hall, executed with great affection, will immediately plunge its visitors into the refined atmosphere of Europe during 20s of the last century. Subdued lighting, soft sofas, pastel shades of textiles will fascinate you and will make you come back to our restaurant again and again.

Are you still looking for a place for your Wedding Gala Dinner?

This magic day one should celebrate in some magic place to make it more wonderful and memorable for the newlyweds. This place should be placed aside from the noisy city centre. Thin pines and fresh air impregnated with pine acerose odor will turn your ceremony into a genuine fairytale.

Wedding at Palais Royal hotel will release you from all troubles relating to ceremonial preparations and will allow for enjoying pleasant moments of a perfect wedding.

We have wide experience in arranging and holding ceremonial events. If you decide to hold a wedding at Palais Royal, we would like to offer you a service of a banquet hall for up to 70 people, live music, fresh flowers, balloons, vivid show and a smart master of ceremonies.

We will help you register your marriage right at our hotel. Both indoor and outdoor areas will accommodate all the guests who wish to become witnesses of the of the two affectionate hearts union.

We offer a splendid wedding menu for you to choose: dishes and snacks of numerous cuisines, refined table setting, polite waiters and the opportunity to arrange your wedding reception in various ways and styles.

We would rather recommend our guests to include a decorated wedding suite in their event bill. Here newlyweds will be offered a restaurant compliment, i.e. sparkling wine and fruit, while in the morning all the guests staying at the hotel will be able to have breakfast.

The wedding, which is celebrated at Palais Royal will become the best wedding in Ekaterinburg.

Near the airport "Koltsovo"
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